Don’t Bother


Have you ever cringed at the thought of being a bother. If you’re at a restaurant and they don’t get your order right; if you’re trying to pass through a big crowd and you have to inch your way through; if you need to ask the busiest person in the world for yet another word of advice? Have you ever just felt bad about being a bother? Well I feel like this often. I absolutely hate to worry other people with my troubles.

I can’t help but think of the woman with the issue of blood. (Luke 8:40) I wonder if she practiced several times in her mind how she would approach Jesus and how she would get his attention to heal her. I mean, he was already surrounded by a crowd of people.  So many people, with so many needs and wants and only one person who could give it to them. I can’t help but wonder, did she think she would be bothering Jesus to ask for a healing?

I guess it all boils down to not only how desperate you are for what you want, but how deserving you think you are of it. I’m sure the woman went back and forth in her mind on whether she was even worthy of healing or not. Unfortunately, we do this to ourselves a lot. We never feel worthy of getting the things we want or even the things we desperately need.

If you are paying for a meal, don’t you deserve to have it exactly how you want it? If you’re walking through a crowded room don’t you deserve to get where you need to go? If you have an issue don’t you deserve to have it solved by someone who can help you just like everyone else? I think so.

I’m going to challenge you and myself to be like the woman with the issue of blood. Believe that you are worthy of whatever you want or need and go after it with your whole heart. Even if it’s just getting your foot in the door, being in the right place at the right time like the woman. Do what you need to do to get what you deserve. Nothing illegal of course! 🙂 You are worthy of all you desire. Be brave enough to go after it! 


8 thoughts on “Don’t Bother

  1. I am so guilty of this. I don’t want to be a bother to anyone especially my family. I’d love some help with my kids some times, but my family is busy and I’d hate to but in. I hate to send back food, because they are busy… I really do need to do better because I deserve it! Thank you for this post.

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    • Hi Toni, so glad you could relate. I truly believe if we don’t ask we won’t receive. “For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:8. The worst somone could say is no. I’ll definitely be praying for you. Ask God and He’ll give you want you desire.


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