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I don’t want to share God


I have a confession, I don’t want to share God…

As a Christian, I believe I am a child of God and follower of Christ. To me that means I’m a child of the King. Child of the Most High. Daughter of royalty. Why would I want to share that? I realized the issue I have with sharing my faith, is because I don’t want to share “my” God.

I have always made the excuse that I don’t want to push my religion on others or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Or maybe I’m not “Christian” enough to share what I believe. However, this is not what He wants for me. My job as a Christian is to share my faith and the love of Jesus with others. My duty is to help others find God and experience his love. How can I do that if I am being selfish?

These are my blessings, my favor, my faith, my God…but it’s not. God belongs to everyone. He longs to be close to His creations. He longs to be in the presence of His children. Those voids or holes we feel are because we long to be close to Him too. Sometimes we feel empty or like something is missing from our lives. We are constantly in search of something to fulfill us. It’s Him. He is the only thing that can make us feel complete. So why would I deprive others of that?

If I say I am a Christian, I can’t be selfish. I have to display the love of Christ. So I want to share God with you. I will start by telling you what He is to me. God is my father. He guides me, teaches me,  provides for me and watches over me. God is my comforter. Whenever I am going through something difficult, I just pray. When I pray, I receive peace. I know that God hears me and understands what I am going through. Knowing this helps me to be confident that my God is bigger than my problem. I feel that everything will work out as it should and it always does. God is my friend. Whenever I feel stress or anxiety, I can always go to him for rest and relief. I just talk to Him and I feel so much better. I could go on and on about what God is to me, but there aren’t even enough words.

If you have been curious or tempted to try God, DO IT!  I mean really try God not religion. There is a difference. Try to start a relationship with him. You can start by praying. The good thing about praying to God is that you can talk to him like you’re talking to me or an old friend. Just say “God, I want to give you a try. I want you to fill these voids in my life. I want to experience your love.” Then, just see what happens. If you decide you want to go further with your relationship, continue to seek Him. If you don’t know how, ask one of your Christian friends, go to your local church, or feel free to ask me. After all, you really have nothing to lose. You could however, gain a really fulfilling relationship.